Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Welcome Home Grandma Aunt Linda

 Today my Aunt Linda arrives here in Washington from Montana!  She's moving home.  After a few years living in Missoula, MT she's coming home to be near her family.  We are so excited and can't wait to be neighbors.  She will live about 10min from us.  Most of my extended family lives about 2-10min from each other.  It's so fun. 
 Lulu helped me make a banner to welcome home Grandma Aunt Linda (that's what my kids call her). We took it over to my Aunt Bev's house and hung it on the garage door.  That will be the first thing they all see tonight.  They (Aunt Bev, Uncle Rick and Aunt Linda) have been driving all day from Montana.
 These little people love my Aunt Linda and can't wait to see her more often.
 After the banner was hung we all ran down to the lake that Uncle Rick and Aunt Bev live on.  It was a beautiful day today in the Pacific Northwest.
 We put the camera on the docked rowboat. 
 Then we let the kids run the hill about a dozen times. 
This picture is from July 2009. Here is Aunt Linda and Lulu at my Uncle Bob's wedding. 
Aunt Linda is the oldest of four.  Aunt Bev is next then my dad and the youngest is Uncle Bob.

Welcome Home Grandma Aunt Linda!


Christine said...

She will be thrilled to see her sign.
I think tears will be shed.
Yes, I will be crying with joy and happiness when we see her. (ha ha)

Great sign Lulu and Kimmy.
YES! Welcome Home Grandma Aunt Linda!

dee dee said...

Oh how thoughtful! Nothing like a warm welcome! dee dee