Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

 This morning the kids woke up to their Easter baskets.  They each got a game and a bunch of fun goodies. They woke up and were totally surprised.  I don't think they remembered getting Easter baskets last year. 
Check out my moms blog to see what we did for Good Friday.
Here's Ila May's first Easter basket.  She is holding up her new book for the camera.
 My mom came over and went to church with us.  We went to her church on Good Friday and she joined us for Easter.  My dad works the grave yard shift and sleeps in the mornings, so he joined us later.
 After church we had a wonderful meal.  Here is Mark frying up our turkey bacon! 
 My mom and the kids played outside while we were cooking.
 They found two carrots in the garden.
 My dad showed up! 
 While my parents were babysitting the kids in the backyard Mark and I were cooking and kissing in the kitchen.  We try to make any alone time a date!
 Here is just a small portion of our meal.  We had scalloped potatoes, turkey bacon, pancakes, fruit, carrot cakes, deviled eggs, pretzels sticks dipped in chocolate (Lulu made these) and I'm sure I'm forgetting something.  It was a fun relaxed meal. 
 Then we played the jelly bean game.  It's like an Easter egg hunt but with jelly beans.  I played this game every year on my birthday growing up. 
 Look close and you will see jelly beans all over the floor, couch and tables.  The kids decorated bags and then went on a hunt for jelly beans.
My dad and Mark watching the kids hunt for jelly beans.  I think Mark was taste testing and I caught him.
Ila May did not get to join in on the fun.  Next year!
After my parents left we headed outside and stayed there the rest of the afternoon.  Today was one of the warmest days so far this season.  It's was about 70ish.  That's warm and we actually had to sit in the shade to cool off. 
He is Risen!  Happy Easter!

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Betsy said...

what a lovely day and yummy feast! the jelly bean hunt looks fun...I'd be taste testing them, too! ha.