Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lulu's Birthday

 Lulu had a great 5th birthday today.  We started the day with gifts for her.  Levi and Ila May each got her a special gift.  Levi got her a baby carrier for her baby.  Ila May got her a Tooth Fairy Pillow since Lulu's at that age where she might be needing it.  Lulu was thrilled!
 For breakfast we had Lulu's favorite breakfast, cinnamon toast and turkey bacon with pink juice.
 Later in the afternoon my parents and my aunt Linda came over to celebrate.
 My dad even wore pink because that is Lulu's favorite color.
 Pink was the color of the day at our house. It's not hard to find in our house though.  Mark and Levi tried to balance it out with blue and green.
 Mark grilled burgers (Lulu's favorite).
 Here's everyone enjoying our burgers. 
 Lulu, Grammie-goo and Papa.
 My mom made this AMAZING strawberry shortcake.  It was so good that I think I'm going to make it for Mother's day!!  
 It was a beautiful sunny Tuesday just like the day she was born 5 years ago. 


Anonymous said...

Once again using GrammieGoo internet/innerweb site to let you know that I love being your dad, I love being Lulu's Papa, and I love being married to your mother. You and Mark are wonderful parents. I know that because I see the happiness and smiles in your home. It is a blessing. Love you Kimmy. Daddy

dee dee said...

Happy Birthday Lulu!

Carleen said...

She looks like one very loved little girl and yall are blessed to have her.

carleen said...

Love her baby carrier....I miss having a baby girl.

carleen said...

Im buring up your comment box, I know but wanted to mention your hair looks so pretty. How do you curl it under? Iron, hairdryer?

Kimmy said...

I blow dry my hair with a HUGE round brush. Then I put hot rollers in and that's how I do my hair. Easy!