Monday, April 16, 2012

Going for a Bike Ride

 Yesterday afternoon we went for a bike ride.  It was a gorgeous day in the Seattle area.  We have 2 bike trailers, Mark was towing the girls and I was towing Levi.  Levi is so fun to tow because he sings the entire time. 
Here we are crossing one of many bridges.  We rode on the Sammamish River Trail.  It's 10.9 miles long and connects many of the cities in our area. 
Here we are pulling in to Woodinville.  This picture is of Redhook Brewery.
I called my parents and told them we were going for a ride on the trail.  The trail we rode connects their city (Redmond) to our city (Kirkland) with a city in the middle (Woodinville).  We met at Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery.  This winery is minutes from both of our homes and made the perfect meeting spot.  The grounds are just beautiful. 
Here is my mom meeting us on the trail into the winery.  My dad found a spot to put a blanket out and was getting a treat ready for us!
Here is Lulu running around the grounds of the winery and the winery in the background.
Ahhh....a nice rest from riding. 
My dad brought us strawberries and whip cream!  The kids were in heaven. 
This was Ila Mays first bike ride.  She cried at first but then got used to it and enjoyed the ride.  
Time to head home. 
We got back on the trail and took our time.  We had a little less energy going home and noticed that there were more up hills on the way back.....we were tired!  
We took a break and stopped at a park and let the kids play.....really Mark and I needed a break. LOL
All 3 on the swings.
Leaving the park and heading home.

Two funny things that happened on our ride.  Levi and I got hit by another biker, but thankfully no one got hurt.  The girl did fall and hit us pretty hard, but everyone was OK.  She was taking a corner way too fast and we were stopped waiting for her group to come by.  Then we found a wallet on the trail and that gal had ALL her things in it but no phone number.  So we were going to drive it by her house then realized she live in an apartment on the trail and when we pulled up to her building she was right there and had no clue it was missing.  Very eventful! 


dee dee said...

Oh Kimmy
Your day sounds like so much fun! I could only guess that all slept well that night! So glad that no one was hurt,
dee dee

Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful, almost like an english country side or something so pretty and you llok gorgeous your sunhat and big Levi singing as he rides. How wonderful!