Monday, April 9, 2012

Eleven Months

 Today Ila May is 11 months old.  She has grown so much this past month.  Ila is almost pulling herself up.  She can pull herself up to her knees and if she grabs our hands she will pull herself up on her feet.  She is climbing over things and enjoys rolling off.  For example if we lie down on the floor she will climb over us and roll off.  She thinks it's so fun.  She loves music and she loves to sing.  At church she sings and she is a talker!  She can say "hi" and gives a little wave.  Ila has 4 teeth.  I cannot believe she is 11 months.  She still seems like a newborn to me but then she is crawling all over and looks so old.


Christine said...

Oh, I see a little bit of Lulu in that first picture.
Love how she dances when she hears music.
Her personality is really coming out! So Cute.

Anonymous said...

She is a cutie pie! I can't believe that she is already 11 months!
dee dee